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Southern charm and sunny weather

Little Rock is a Southern city, and that means more than sunny weather for two-thirds of the year. We're a city of hospitality. From our many festivals that happen throughout the year to the people you meet on the street, we welcome visitors from far and wide.

We think our weather's pretty great, too. Centrally located with four distinct seasons, Little Rock has a daily mean temperature of 62.6 degrees and an annual precipitation of 49.6 inches. Downtown, where the Southeast meets the Southwest and the Delta becomes the mountains, is 286 feet above sea level with some residential areas rising 300 to 630 feet.

Any time of year is a great time to visit Little Rock, and we're ready to welcome you.

Our firm has 27 offices across the country from Boston to Houston, Chicago to Miami. But our headquarters are in Little Rock because it’s best for our people, and that makes it best for business.

Warren Stephens, Stephens, Inc.

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